Mentor Testimonials

I found the fellowship to be an illuminating, inspiring, and active programme, that does in fact aim to help young Sudanese females.
Shaimaa Osman Mentor 2014
Our mentoring match was a huge success which resulted in a great partnership. We email one another regularly, sending along e-mails that range from check-ins on each other’s day, to family vacation plans, to stressors and de-stressors in our workplace and personal lives.
Raghdan Orsud Mentor 2015
I feel very positive and proud of my experience during this six/seven month mentoring with my mentee. Our fruitful discussions and interaction made the volunteering experience enjoyable, besides the well-tailored and structured topics we followed. I would encourage as many young Sudanese professionals to take part, support this project and enlighten our youth.
Nada Abdelmagid Mentor 2015-2019
To be able to offer support to the young women of Sudan has been a joy. This fellowship empowers young women in Sudan to grow and be courageous, as well as a platform to discuss important issues they are facing in their lives.
Amal Osman Mentor 2014
This mentorship is possibly one of the best ways to give back to our country. This group of mentees represents a segment of society that is the future of business and female leadership in our country. Guiding them through this journey of career and self-development is an exciting and rewarding way to contribute to the economic and social development of Sudan.
Leena Zahir Mentor 2014-2018
Throughout the fellowship, I discovered the true blessing of being a mentor. This has been a great opportunity to teach, but also to learn from my mentee. It is a truly invaluable experience, which is a brilliant addition to my resume.
Nihal Mentor 2014
This year was my first ever experience at formal mentoring, and I was so excited for it especially as I was doing this with young Sudanese women. The program is amazing and my mentee was wonderful! She is such a talented, smart, inquisitive, kind, hard working, and overall beautiful young woman. I appreciated mentoring and working with her and the support and guidance I got from Mai and the mentors. It was a memorable experience that had its challenges but also taught me a lot about myself and mentoring in general. I look forward to doing it again sometime in the future, and I thank both my mentee and the team. The most thing I appreciate about this program, and what makes it unique is the relationship I still have with my mentee and the team.
Soha Osman Mentor 2019
The mentorship program was a great opportunity to form a lasting relationship and connection with my mentee, one that went beyond surface level issues as the weeks went on and we delved into topics that helped not only her personal development but my own.
Nafisa Eltahir Mentor 2018