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Since its launch in 2013, Al Sudaniya Mentoring has grown into a thriving and dedicated community of people all over the world working to empower and develop the young women of Sudan. We’re so proud to have evolved and grown over the years. As a small start-up organisation, we faced many challenges, but every step of the way, we’ve had the most amazing support and encouragement from our supporters. Year on year the programme continues to grow, and since we started we have had 155 mentees completing the programme.

Our ambition is to deliver on all the things we’ve learnt over the years to make a real and sustainable difference. In the coming years we will continue to deliver even more workshops, our holistic mentoring programmes, and share tools and resources for young women in Sudan, all of which support them to unlock their potential. But as we deliver on this ambitious growth, we have to resource our organisation to allow us to grow in a sustainable way.

Your contribution to Al Sudaniya Mentoring will provide Sudanese women with the tools and resources to become dynamic leaders of the future.

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