To support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.
E. Parsloe, 1995

This is a holistic mentoring programme that will assist young girls in Sudan develop their professional and interpersonal skills through discussions with their mentors and being a part of monthly workshops. The mentees on this programme will cover sessions such as CV writing, leadership skills as well as critical women’s rights issues, and many more. Mentors are involved in guiding and supporting mentees to be critical thinkers, and build their confidence in order to challenge the status quo and follow a path of their choosing. Mentees should play an active role in their learning and conduct research on the sessions in the programme in order to have engaging, thought provoking discussions with their mentors.

A mentor is a guide, who is a key role model and figure for the mentee, with whom they can work together to ensure they support them and direct them adequately to pursue a path based on their skills and interest in order to unlock their true potential. A mentor does not give the mentee all the answers, but assists the mentee in identifying important areas for development. An important aspect of the relationship between a mentor and a mentee is confidentiality and trust, and to ensure that both mentors and mentees understand the requirements of the programme.

Mentees will be speaking to exceptional Sudanese women across the globe. Mentors that have taken part in the programme have been based in Sudan, Europe, the US, the UAE, and Asia. They are highly accomplished individuals that have the passion, dedication, and commitment to develop and empower young Sudanese women.

Mentees will cover personal development sessions on positive thinking, self-care and mental health, as well as professional development sessions on public speaking, interview skills, writing job applications, and CV writing. Mentees will also cover sessions on women’s empowerment and the challenges and opportunities in Sudan and globally. Please note that although we have several topics for mentees to cover throughout the 6 month programme, we ask that mentees and mentors tailor the programme to their needs which means that they assess which topics are most relevant and important to the mentees needs.

Mentees are expected to read about the sessions and prepare for them. For example if the upcoming session is on CV writing, mentees can read about how to prepare a CV, and read through some exceptional CV’s in order to effectively prepare for the session. Mentors should work on preparing activities and topics for discussion with their mentees in order to ensure that the mentee learns from the mentor’s experience and background and that the sessions fun and engaging.

Mentees are required to dedicate at least 3 hours per week to activities related to the fellowship such as preparing for sessions, by reading around the topic prior to each session, and preparing key questions for their mentor, as well as attending the monthly workshops. Mentees are also required to complete short assignments at the end of every topic which can be a short essay/ report, a mock interview, completing a CV, preparing and giving a short presentation, and completing a short questionnaire at the end of every topic. Lastly, mentees are required to meet with the Al Sudaniya Mentoring team once a month to discuss the progress of mentees and hone their skills and knowledge.

Mentors and mentees need to dedicate at least 3 hours per week on fellowship activities. Mentors must prepare for sessions with mentees, and go through the mentee’s assignments, as well as completing a questionnaire on the topics of the mentoring programme and filling in the online tracking sheet on progress of their sessions. The requirement for mentees is shown above. Mentors and mentees are required to have a one hour one to one Skype session once a week with their mentor to discuss the sessions listed in the ASM curriculum, whilst the other 2 hours are required for fellowship activities that have been listed above. Ensuring that mentees and mentors allocate sufficient time for both preparation and completion of sessions is important, and is essential for a successful fellowship.

Mentees will receive a certificate of your achievements, and have a graduation ceremony where they will be honoured.

Mentees will become automatic members of the Al Sudaniya Mentoring Network, and join an inspirational group of hardworking, passionate, dynamic individuals.

Mentees can keep in touch with your mentor and ask for advice/guidance although no formal sessions will take place.

The programme is in Arabic. Mentors communicate with mentors in both Arabic and English, and the workshops are conducted in Arabic.

No, you do not, you should complete the application form in the language that you are most comfortable with.

No, you do not, this programme is completely free.

At this moment you cannot, however please sign up to our mailing list by providing us with your email address, and follow our activities on Facebook and Twitter so that we can update you on other opportunities to get involved with Al Sudaniya Mentoring, and to let you know if things change in the upcoming future.

No, you cannot, this programme has been designed as a woman to woman programme. Sudanese women mentor Sudanese girls in Sudan through one to one mentoring, which we see as something powerful, as Sudanese women can stand together in solidarity and help one another to challenge societal norms and expectations. Males can get involved in other ways, so please keep an eye out for opportunities that will be advertised on our Facebook, Twitter, website, and also our monthly newsletter, so please sign up to our mailing list.

No you cannot, this programme has been designed for Sudanese women based in Sudan. However in the future we do hope to extend the mentoring programme to as many Sudanese women as possible. For the time being you can sign up to our mailing list by providing us with your email address, and follow our activities on Facebook and Twitter so that we can update you on other opportunities to get involved with Al Sudaniya Mentoring.

Yes you can apply to be mentee, the main criteria is age.

No you don't need voluntary or work experience to apply to be mentee, you just need to be passionate about developing yourself and your skills.

Please follow us on our social media platforms, and check our website as we will be launching a mentorship programme for women aged over 22 very soon. We also advertise any volunteer opportunities on social media and our website.

Applications will open on the 18th June 2020.

The deadline for receiving applications is the 2nd July 2020.

The programme will run from August until November 2020.

We will ask mentees and mentors questions about their experience, and why they wish to join the programme, as well as the skills the mentee wishes to gain, and the skills the mentors can help develop. Mentees must be dedicated, and passionate about making a difference in Sudan, and in developing themselves so that they are strong, pioneering leaders of the future. Mentors must be dedicated to making a positive impact to mentees and assist them in their development.

We pair mentors and mentees based on academic background, hobbies/interests, skill set, and mentee goals. Thus, we use information provided in the application and interview stage to ensure that mentors and mentees are paired appropriately.