Mentee Testimonials

Before ASM, I was just dreamer with no guidance to show me how to reach my goals. I needed guidance, and I was weak and had no ability to connect with or talk to a range of different people. I had stage fright so I couldn’t share my opinions and ideas with others. Now,I am a girl with large social relationships, a good public speaker, and I speak freely as well as share my ideas comfortably with a range of different individuals.
Abeer Abdalrahman Mentee 2016
In ASM I have learnt how to manage my time, control my life and how to overcome barriers. The program provided me with the information that I need to plan for my future career and goals achievements, and I can say that me and my mentor put together the five-year plan for my career. Also, in ASM, I gained the basic skills to develop myself such as confidence, interview skills, presentation skills and writing my CV.I can say that ASM showed me the way to self-realisation.
Lamis Togomouri Mentee 2015
Al Sudaniya Mentoring was one of the best experiences I had in 2015, I’ve learnt a lot of skills that I believe most of us need in their academic and later on career life as well. Things like CV writing, problem solving skills and self-development statements for instance, has improved my life and I can say that I’m now a determined person with clear goals.
Sara Ayed Mentee 2015
This one-time experience became the door to a number of opportunities that I didn’t miss out on afterwards. Academically, I became capable of achieving the highest set of goals I set for myself. Career-wise, my mentor helped me in learning how to build up my resume, and how to take up the opportunities that are available for me, in order to excel.
Waad Oways Mentee 2015
It was an opportunity to get to know amazing girls on the program, especially my mentor who helped me a lot and inspired me to follow my dreams ,it was really a great experience that I enjoyed and benefited from. It was a like a new turn in my life.
Rumaisa Ahmed Mentee 2015
The ASM programme is a life changing program that will help Sudanese women to step out of the dark cramped room that they are stuck in, and as Wer Dubois said “there is no force equal to a woman determined to rise” and here I learnt how to rise.
Abrar Alaliem Mentee 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed my mentorship experience at Al Sudaniya Mentoring and feel extremely lucky to have had such a great opportunity. It has been fantastic opportunity to learn from people who are so enthusiastic about their jobs and keen to help and offer support when you needed but also providing you with the opportunity to take responsibility for your own tasks and express your own ideas.
Hadeel Hassan Mentee 2015
Through the program, I learned a lot. It changed the way I dealt with my work daily and gave me something new to think about. Until this day, I refer to what I've learned. I enjoyed the exchange between my mentor and I. It changed me as a person because I saw the wonder in being part of such a society with strong, empowering and beautiful women. I'd recommend this to any woman and guarantee she won't regret it not even in the slightest.
Aya Elamin Mentee 2014
I have always thought of Al Sudaniya as home, a place where you feel treasured and surrounded by a community that wants you to be driven forward. My experience as a mentee in 2017 was a great addition to me personally and professionally, I was able to write my own CV, l found mentoring through my passion for writing and I was guided through a goal-directed mentor who changed me in the most amazing way. Al Sudanyia is a great opportunity to connect with a community that is full of positivity, success, and excellence and any woman would be lucky to be part of such experience.
Salma Ibrahim Mentee 2017
The ASM program changed my whole life, even my mindset. This experience gave me the chance to meet people from different backgrounds, different cultures and habit My relationship with my mentor gave me a chance to have someone with whom I can share my ideas and my future plans and I always found support and help from her. The project was the most incredible experience, I am so proud of myself.
Rayan Adam Mentee 2018
Due to the lack of excitement and anything to do in my life at that time , I thought to myself "hey ! something to keep me busy " Little did I know ASM changed my life , the people I met , the skills I've learned , the things I've been exposed to , incredible . I met my mentor who now I consider a role model, I learnt that I could turn my hobby into a source of income.
Yaqeen Gassim Mentee 2019
Al Sudaniya mentoring was one of the best experiences I had in 2019. I have learnt a lot of skills that I believe most of us need. I started to believe that I can do something interesting in my life, I've learnt a lot of things, and the most important for me was communication skills, problem solving and career planning. I really enjoyed my experience with Al Sudaniya Mentoring and feel really lucky to have had such a great opportunity.
Saria Abdelilah Mentee 2019
Through the Al Sudaniya Mentoring program I managed to achieve what I wanted professionally and personally. This was through the online sessions with my mentor Sawsan, who I learned a lot from, and made a positive change in my character. Through the useful workshops. I learned how to manage my time and I became more confident in myself and I now I have the courage to speak publicly. I feel that I could be an influential figure in society through our community project and its success. Finally I do believe that every girl and woman in this world can do anything, "little girls with dreams , become women with vision" - unknown. And with happiness I become that woman with vision.
Nora Abo Algasim Mentee 2019
I'm Asma Adam, a graduate of batch 6 of the Al Sudaniya Mentoring Program. After college I felt lost and I needed a guide to show me the way. Being part of the ASM family was what I was looking for. My experience with ASM was a turning point in my life. It helped me to know myself and recognize my strengths, and it also provided me with a set of skills that have helped me to be the best version of me personally and professionally.
Asma Adam Mentee 2019