Shaimaa, Mentor 2014

I found the fellowship to be an illuminating, inspiring, and active programme, that does in fact aim to help young Sudanese females. By being a mentor on the programme, I found that I was discovering new ways to not only help my mentee, but to help myself also. Overall, I found it an enjoyable experience

Nihal, Mentor 2014

My mentoring experience has given me the chance to be involved in social development. This fellowship was flexible enough to allow me to balance my heavy workload and personal life. Throughout the fellowship, I discovered the true blessing of being a mentor. This has been a great opportunity to teach, but also to learn from my mentee. It is a truly invaluable experience, which is a brilliant addition to my resume.

Nada Abdelmagid, Mentor 2015

I personally have gained a lot throughout my career from different mentors, official and unofficial, learning from their experiences and journeys. I still refer to them when taking career and/or personal decisions. Thus, realizing the importance of mentoring and the benefits coming from it, I took part in this year’s program. Additionally, we still lack organized career advice services in Sudan for our youth. Therefore, the need for such a program as Al Sudaniya mentoring is vital to contribute to the development and empowerment of younger girls.

I feel very positive and proud of my experience during this six-seven month mentoring with my mentee. Our fruitful discussions and interaction made the volunteering experience enjoyable, besides the well-tailored and structured topics we followed. I would encourage as many young Sudanese professionals to take part, support this project and enlighten our youth.

Amal Osman, Mentor 2014

Al-Sudaniya mentoring is a wonderful innovative project that I am so happy and grateful I could be a part of. To be able to offer support to the young women of Sudan has been a joy. This fellowship empowers young women in Sudan to grow and be courageous, as well as a platform to discuss important issues they are facing in their lives.

Abeer Abdalrahman, Mentor 2015

One day, when I was on Facebook, I found an article about ASM,I opened it and read about it. Then I was confused between my college and the programme. I thought a lot about how I will be able to balance the two. I can’t leave my college and I can’t let this free chance pass by so I accepted the new challenge. Before ASM, I was just dreamer with no guidance to show me how to reach my goals. I needed guidance, and I was weak and had no ability to connect with or talk to a range of different people. I had stage fright so I couldn’t share my opinions and ideas with others.

Then I was matched to my lovely,kind and helpful mentor. She helped me become better and successful in many ways. In addition, the monthly ASM workshops helped me explore new ways of life and to meet other mentees whom I later became friends with. Now,I am a girl with large social relationships,a good public speaker, and I speak freely as well as share my ideas comfortably with a range of different individuals.

Leena Zahir, Mentor 2014-2018

This mentorship is possibly one of the best ways to give back to our country, which, as an expatriate Sudanese, is something that I have always wanted to do. This group of mentees represents a segment of society that is the future of business and female leadership in our country. Guiding them through this journey of career and self-development is an exciting and rewarding way to contribute to the economic and social development of Sudan.

Raghdan, Mentor 2015

In a world where seemingly every piece of information can be Googled, there is still some knowledge that can only be gained through experience. Mentorship program is the best example of that.

Our mentoring match was a huge success which resulted in a great partnership.  We email one another regularly, sending along e-mails that range from check-ins on each other’s day, to family vacation plans, to stressors and de-stressors in our workplace and personal lives.

I want my mentee to know that she has gained a trustworthy supporter, a confidant, an advocate and an ally, in the course of the mentorship program and even after it’s completed

Sara Ayed, Mentee 2014

Alsudaniya mentoring was one of the best experiences I had on 2015, I’ve learnt a lot of skills that I believe most of us need in their academic and later on career life as well. Things like CV writing, problem solving skills and self-development statements for instance, has improved my life and I can say that I’m now a determined person with clear goals. Alsudaniya mentoring program has also given me the space to know myself more and the ability to express myself too.

Rumaisa, Mentee 2015

My experience with Alsudaniya mentoring is not only a six month program it also an opportunity to get to know amazing girls that i met throughout the program especially my mentor that helped me a lot and inspired me to be much better and to follow my dreams,it was really a great experience that i enjoyed and benifited so much it was like a new turn in my life.

Abrar Alaliem, 2016 Mentee

The ASM programme taught me how to respect time, realizing that time is the greatest value human beings have. I learnt that every person is unique and valuable in his and her own way. Now I’m completely okay with our differences and I’m passionate about the diversity in our community. My mentor inspired me. The young beautiful artist really knows what she wants and she pushed me forward and changed me for the better.

The ASM programme is a life changing program that will help Sudanese women to step out of the dark cramped room that they are stuck in, and as Wer Dubois said “there is no force equal to a woman determined to rise” and here I learnt how to rise.

Waad Oways, 2015 Mentee

My story with ASM began when the founder Mai sent me a Facebook message asking me to apply for the programme in its first year, as a mentee. At that time, I was still a student myself, so I needed a mentor. I jokingly stated that to Mai, only to find myself paired up with an astonishing mentor the year after. This one-time experience became the door to a number of opportunities that I didn’t miss out on afterwards.

The programme developed me in a number of ways. Academically, I became capable of achieving the highest set of goals I set for myself. Career-wise, my mentor helped me in learning how to build up my resume, and how to take up the opportunities that are available for me, in order to excel. Personally, I started recognizing a better, more confident, optimistic, and self-driven leader blooming every day.

Lamis Togomouri, 2015 Mentee

في برنامج السودانية للإرشاد ، تعلمت الكثير ؛ بدءاً من كيفية إدارة وقتي وكيفية التحكم في كل دقيقة اقضيها  – وفي الحقيقة كانت هذه أهم مشكلاتي حيث كنت أهدر الثمين من الوقت فيما لا يذكر وبالتأكيد كان ذلك يؤثر سلباً على بقية المهام وعندها أصاب بالإحباط غالباً ، ف هنا شاهدت الكثير من المحاضرات عن كيفية إدارة الوقت –  مروراً ب إدارة حياتي الشخصية وكيفية التغلب على معضلات الحياة التي تواجهنا  ،وأهمية الثقة بالنفس .

هنا تعلمت أهمية التخطيط الإستراتيجي الشخصي وكيفيته ، بدءاً من طموحاتي في الحياة وماذا أريد ..كيفية تحقيق الأهداف ..الخطط التي يجب اتباعها والبدائل عند العدم ، ويمكن القول أنني ومشرفتي وضعنا الخطة الخمسية ل مسار حياتي التي أرجو أن تسير على خير ما يرام.

في برنامج السودانية للإرشاد ، بدأنا منذ كيفية كتابة السيرة الذاتية بشكل صحيح ؛ وكيفية التقديم للوظائف بل وكيفية البحث عن هذه الوظائف . هنا تدربت على إجراء مقابلات العمل ومهارات تقديم المحاضرات حيث كان اول اختبار لي هو تقديم مشروعي في البرنامج الذي كان محاضرة عن جرائم إغتصاب الأطفال في السودان ومما لا شك فيه أن الارشادات التي تلقيتها عبر البرنامج كانت الأساس التي قامت عليه المحاضرة.

في هذا البرنامج ، يمكنني القول أن معالم خططي المستقبلية أضحت أكثر وضوحاً .
فقد أصبحت أكثر شغفا بالحصول على منحة دراسية في الخارج للدراسات العليا وبالتأكيد هنا تعلمت الأسس الأولية للتقديم لها.

Hadeel Hassan, Mentee 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship at Alsudania mentoring and feel extremely lucky to have had such a great opportunity, the internship has more than matched my expectations.

I have gained many  skills that will help me with my future career, such as; writing CV, time management how apply for scholarship and much more

Also develop my organizational and communication skills.  It has been fantastic opportunity to learn from people who are so enthusiastic about their jobs and keen to help and offer support when you needed but also providing you with the opportunity to take responsibility for your own tasks and express your own ideas. I would recommend it to anyone passionate about learning from expert people.