2014 Mentoring Fellowship

These are some of the quotes about the Al Sudaniya 2014 Mentoring Fellowship:

My mentoring experience has given me the chance to be involved in social development. This fellowship was flexible enough to allow me to balance my heavy workload and personal life. Throughout the fellowship, I discovered the true blessing of being a mentor. This has been a great opportunity to teach, but also to learn from my mentee. It is a truly invaluable experience, which is a brilliant addition to my resume – 2014 Mentor

Al-Sudaniya mentoring is a wonderful innovative project that I am so happy and grateful I could be a part of. To be able to offer support to the young women of Sudan has been a joy. This fellowship empowers young women in Sudan to grow and be courageous, as well as a platform to discuss important issues they are facing in their lives – 2014 Mentor

This mentorship is possibly one of the best ways to give back to our country, which, as an expatriate Sudanese, is something that I have always wanted to do. This group of mentees represents a segment of society that is the future of business and female leadership in our country. Guiding them through this journey of career and self-development is an exciting and rewarding way to contribute to the economic and social development of Sudan – 2014 Mentor

I found the fellowship to be an illuminating, inspiring, and active programme, that does in fact aim to help young Sudanese females. By being a mentor on the programme, I found that I was discovering new ways to not only help my mentee, but to help myself also. Overall, I found it an enjoyable experience – 2014 Mentor