Our mission

Al Sudaniya Mentoring strives to utilise the skills, and experience of Sudanese professionals across the globe in order to develop a relationship with a Sudanese girl in Sudan, and educate, empower and mentor this girl in order for her to realise her potential, and foster her newly acquired skills to better herself and in time, Sudan.

Our vision

We envision a future where Sudanese girls are motivated and determined to pursue their interests and goals to drive change. We hope that these young girls can become brilliant role models for their peers, with whom they can share their experiences with and build a network of mentors. It is our dream to widen this mentoring fellowship to more universities in order to have an impact across Sudan.

Goals and objectives

The overall goal of this mentoring fellowship is to empower, and transform the lives of 20 Sudanese girls who have demonstrated potential in their universities. The objectives are as follows:


20 highly accomplished women harness their experiences and resources to motivate, educate, and empower 20 Sudanese girls.


Investing in long term mentoring, education, and opportunities for Sudanese girls to enable them to build a better future for themselves.


Inspiring these girls enough for them to believe in themselves and their potential as well as becoming mentors themselves and inspiring, and engaging other students like themselves.


To help the selected girls transform their lives from a lack of opportunity to meaningful, productive, and fulfilling lives.


A tailored personal development mentoring scheme will be developed for each mentee so that they can thrive.