ASM Sub Programmes

Medani Programme

In 2018, we launched a 3 month pilot mentorship programme in Medani. Six mentees aged 17-22 were mentored by six mentors based in the United States, Kuwait, Sudan, Malaysia, and Sweden.


Some quotes from mentees:

“My mentor guides me towards the right solutions, and she is a good listener”.

“I know how to achieve my goals, and I have gained confidence in myself”.

Some quotes from mentors:

“I could clearly feel the impact on my mentee and I was able to sense her development”.

“My mentee is a fast learner, and enthusiastic, and has developed a greater understanding of herself”.


Economic Empowerment Programme

We launched a women’s economic empowerment programme for female entrepreneurs in 2019. The two day workshop and launch event promoted the businesses of six female entrepreneurs and was a success. We were able to ensure that participants gained key entrepreneurial skills that will strengthen their businesses, and to also give them access to a network of successful female entrepreneurs that will lead to significant business growth.


Alumni Programme

We have launched the Alumni programme to connect mentees and mentors from previous years. We see this alumni programme as adding to and going beyond the mentoring programme to ensure that mentees and mentors benefit from the vast network that has been built up since 2013. The alumni component of ASM will give our past, present and future cohorts the opportunity to impart the knowledge and the skills they have gained, promote ASM in their communities, and have access to a platform that offers support to continually learn and develop.