ASM Knowledge Library



249 Startups, Manshiya, Khartoum, Sudan

About the library

On the 23rd September 2018 the ASM Knowledge Library was officially launched at 249 Startups.

Our Library consists of books in the following genres:

  • African Literature
  • Personal development
  • Career development
  • Women’s/ gender studies
  • Political/ Historical

Please have a look at our library catalogue.


To gain access to the full collection of books in the library you must pay the following fees

  • 200 SDGs/ month if you do not donate a book to the library
  • 150 SDGs/ month if you donate a book a to the library

Please email us at if you are interested in becoming a member

Library events

We organise monthly events at the ASM knowledge library, so become a member to be a part of this

We organised 2 book events called ‘Blind date with a book’. The idea behind the event is that books are wrapped, and a description is written on the outside cover. Attendees will then choose a book, not based on the cover or author, but purely on the description. They will then read their chosen book for 120 minutes and discuss the book with other attendees. This event has been brilliant at engaging a diverse range of individuals, and encouraging them to choose a book that they may not have ordinarily chosen.

Feedback from the 2 events:

“Lovely event gave me the time to read without any distractions whatsoever. The only kind of “blind date” I would go to”

“A lovely date can’t wait for more. The venue is so pretty, well organised, and with a welcoming team”

“It would be better to organise more genre specific events, like Young Adult, and all Young Adult Fans show up, overall, great job!

“Great idea, loved the diversity in books and how different people with different backgrounds attended”

“Very great first date! Totally loved the idea and execution of it. Can’t wait to attend the coming events and to be a part of this nice and very welcoming family”